The Champagne bears the name of the old province of France from which it results. The wine-growing zone delimited by the French law is characterized by a specific ground and a climate which confer on the reason of Champagne name a single taste and without equal. The patient seeks the Champagne one gave rise to a method of the development of the effervescent wine considered by the specialists as being the best in the world. Since nearly three centuries, the passion of the men of Champagne and the respect of the local, honest and constant uses of the profession are at the exceptional wine origin which returned célébres throughout the world the scents and subtle savours of the Champagne ground. And on this ground in charge of a History imcomparable testimonys with the past are prestigious. The Cathedral of Reims, the Palate of the Tau and the Museum Saint-Rémi, the Mill of Valmy, the Fort of Pompelle are indissociable monuments of the Marne. Without forgetting the cotaux forks and spoons of vineyards of the valley of the Marne and coast of the White, the forests, the shores and the houses with wood sides around lake DER-Chanecoq and the richnesses of the Regional Natural reserve of the Mountain of Reims.

The vineyard is established with semi-slope. Geology and the climate are combined to give grapes of quality. The basement is calcareous and the best vintages are established on the chalk, which stores and restores solar heat while preserving on the ground a sufficient moisture. The annual average temperature is of 10° centigrades, whereas with the lower part of 9° the bunches cannot mature, but paradoxically these limiting conditions give the best results.

The Museum is installed in the buildings of the old abbey of Saint-Rémi whose majestic architecture dates from the XVII° and XVIII° centuries; Sainte-Ampoule, brought according to the legend to Saint Remi by the dove of the Saint Spirit at the time of the baptism of Clovis, and which was used for the sacrings of kings de France, there was preserved.

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